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Experienced Appellate Advocacy


Appeals set precedent.  That makes appellate courts fundamentally different from other courts or administrative tribunals.  And just as a pitcher stars from the mound, and not the line of scrimmage, an appellate litigator adds special skills to post-trial proceedings where the rules are different and the stakes are higher.

Cost-conscious clients often wonder about the value of switching counsel at the appellate stage.  Here are five top reasons to retain MastersLaw LLC for an appeal:

Fresh Perspective
As appellate counsel, we have not been exposed to any of the slings and arrows of a contentious trial-level process or become emotionally engaged in a matter after months or years of litigation. This enables us to provide a fresh, unbiased perspective.
Honed Writing And Analytical Skills
We have the writing skills to distill often complicated, voluminous records into a succinct, compelling narrative and persuasively argue the law on behalf of the client.
Nerves of Steel
We have the focus and confidence to answer questions from multiple judges on an appellate panel in a manner that simultaneously addresses each judge’s concerns while persuasively advocating on the client’s behalf.
Proven Track Record
Years of experience handling matters on appeal has given us a proven track record of success in a multitude of procedural and substantive areas of the law.
Cost Effective
MastersLaw LLC works with clients to enter engagements that best meet its client’s need. While MastersLaw LLC believes that lean staffing makes the hourly approach a value proposition, the firm recognizes that clients often want to manage litigation budgets with greater certainty. The firm thus works with clients to develop creative solutions to managing fees.